6 Awesome Activity Tracking Wearables for Dogs

In the past few months, we have covered many awesome activity tracking wearables for humans. Dogs could use a decent smart wearable too. Here are 6 smart wearables that let you track your dog’s activity level and keep it healthy:


WonderWoof Smart Bow Tie: uses a 3-axis accelerometer to track your pet’s activity level. It also alerts you when your dog is wandering off out of range.

Lucky Tag Smart Activity Tracker: this smart wearable device serves as an activity tracker and locator for your dog. The companion app helps you better understand your dog’s activity level, behavior pattern, and other trends.


Pip: a GPS and activity tracker for dogs and cats. It is accurate to within 5 feet and uses a cellular connection, so you can track your pet anywhere in the U.S. The device can tell you how active your pet has been.


Tagg Pet GPS Plus: a tracker for dogs and cats. It sends you text and email alerts when your pet gets out. You will be able to track your pet anywhere in the U.S. The device also has an accelerometer, so it can serve as a pet activity monitor.

WÜF Smart Dog Collar: attaches to any collar and connects to your smartphone to allow you to track your pet. It has GPS, Bluetooth, cellular connection, and 6-axis motion processing.


WhistleGPS Dog Tracker: a smart wearable that tells you about your pet’s activity level and location. WhistleGPS syncs with your phone and alerts when there are changes in activity level.

Have you found better smart wearables for dogs? Please share them here.

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