HealthyPi Move Open Source Biometric Smartwatch

There are plenty of fancy smartwatches that can track your health. The HealthyPi Move is an open source smartwatch that can electrocardiogram (ECG), PPG, SpO₂, blood pressure (finger-based), EDA/GSR, and HRV. It can also monitor body temperature. It comes with everything you need to monitor your vital sins in real-time while owning your data.

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Here are the specs:

  • Nordic nRF5340 dual-core processor
  • Display: 1.28 in TFT display with capacitive touch
  • Sensors: 6DOF IMU, MAX30001 ECG, MAX30101 optical PPG sensor
  • 150mAh battery

According to the makers, hardware design files, firmware, and software will be all open source.


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