Hypershell: 1 Horsepower Exoskeleton with AI Motion Engine

Robots are going to do many things for us in the future, including helping us run longer, climb higher, and last more in daily activities. Take the Hypershell Pro for instance: it is an app connected exoskeleton with a 1HP motor, 25km battery range, 9 modes, and max speed of 20km/h.

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This exoskeleton offsets 30kg of weight to help you run faster and carry more load. It has 2x processors, 4 force sensors, 2x position sensors and a 10DOF IMU. The Hypershell Pro has a hot swappable battery. It has 8 passive joints and 14 degrees of freedom not to get in your way. The companion app lets you monitor speed, steps, and other data.


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