Stratasys’ 3D Printed Dresses Unveiled

3d printed dress

3D-printed dresses are nothing new. We have covered a bunch of them in the past. Stratasys’ Harmonograph & Pangolin dresses are quite special though. They are made using an Objet500 Connex3 3D Printer. For this project, Stratasys teamed up with threeASFOUR, and New York-based designer, Travis Fitch. Here is more information about these dresses:

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The Harmonograph dress circles around the body in three spirals, following the geometry of the Fibonacci sequence and optically portraying the effect of a harmonograph … the Pangolin dress, is derived from a signature threeASFOUR design comprised of 14 pattern pieces. In this new 3D printed version, an overall skin is created by mixing a variety of interlocking weaves, biomimicking natural animal textures

The 3D printed dresses were created using a nano enhanced elastomeric 3D printing material. More information is available here.

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