OKDoor: Open Doors with Google Glass


Google Glass is simply going to explode when it is released to everyone. Developers have already come up with some awesome glassware for Glass users to take advantage of. OKDoor is the latest one that could make life easier for future Glass wearers. It provides the wearer with the ability to allow access to physical doors. Here is how it works:

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OkDoor provides notification to a person inside a building that someone outside needs to gain access. First, an outdoor camera pushes a snapshot of the individual to the Google Glass wearer. The wearer is then presented with the ability to allow or deny entry. The OKDoor user can then remotely unlock the door and allow the visitor inside. Check out this video to see OKDoor in action.

The app was created to show the capabilities of the SAM API. The idea certainly has a lot of potential even though I personally prefer a solution like the Doorbot. I can’t wait to see what other Glass apps developers come up with.

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