Google Glass To Look Up Patient History?

dod glass

Google Glass is going to change many industries. Many doctors are already planning to use it. A Boston hospital is now using Google Glass to show real-time patient charts and medical information to doctors. All doctors need to do is scan a QR code with Glass to see patient data. Everything is behind a firewall and safe. Here is how it works:

When a clinician walks into an emergency department room, he or she looks at bar code (a QR or Quick Response code) placed on the wall.  Google Glass immediately recognizes the room and then the ED Dashboard sends information about the patient in that room to the glasses, appearing in the clinician’s field of vision. The clinician can speak with the patient, examine the patient, and perform procedures while seeing problems, vital signs, lab results and other data.

This is a fascinating development and shows where wearables can be useful. You don’t necessary need smartglasses that Google makes to pull this off. But Google is ahead of everyone else in this field. Google Glass may be expensive but as it has been shown time and time again, it can be a lifesaver.


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