Cutaneous Haptic Feedback For Stable Robotic Teleoperation


Operating robots from a distance comes with various challenges. Researchers have come up with a haptic feedback system that can be used to improve the performance of robotic teleoperation systems. Cutaneous haptic feedback provides cutaneous cues to the human operator to allow for stable operation. Here is how the researchers tested the idea:

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We carried out two peg-in-hole experiments, both in a virtual environment and in a real (teleoperated) environment. Two novel 3-degree-of-freedom fingertip cutaneous displays deliver a suitable amount of cutaneous feedback at the thumb and index fingers…. Cutaneous feedback was outperformed by full haptic feedback provided by grounded haptic interfaces, but it outperformed conditions providing no force feedback at all. Moreover, cutaneous feedback always kept the system stable

More information is available here.

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