GAZERglass Having Legal Issues with Google?


There are many entrepreneurs among us who mean well but don’t choose their domain and brand names correctly. Take GAZERglass for instance. We are a big fan of these guys, but I always wondered when Google would come after them over the use of the term “Glass.” Unfortunately, this is very common in today’s world. It seems Google is now asking these guys to consider changing the name:

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We recently got a letter from Google’s lawyer, saying that using a word GLASS will infringe their trademark… even though trademark GLASS has been refused by United States Patent and Trademark Office, Google still doesn’t want anyone to be associated with this word, even if you make up something like a GAZERglass

It’s a tough situation. When I started my first 10 or 20 sites, I was using branded terms in them, thinking nothing would go wrong. But I learned the hard way. Amazon, Apple, and other companies follow the same practice. I would encourage you to go and support these guys if you love their project. We are hoping this will work out quickly as there is no need for Google to throw a monkey wrench into GAZERglass’s plans.

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