Beddit for a Smarter Bed – Automatic Sleep & Wellness Tracker


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We have covered a number of awesome wearable devices you can take advantage of to keep track of your health and sleep. Technically, you don’t get to wear Beddit. But this automatic sleep and wellness tracker gives you more information about your sleep thanks to its sensors under your bed sheet. Beddit tells you about your sleep quality, heart rate, breathing rhythm, and sleep stages. It also offers personalized coaching tips to help you improve your sleep.

Beddit can help you get better sleep and keep your stress in check. All you have to do is place the Beddit ultra-thin film sensor on your mattress to start gathering data. Beddit does have an integrated smart alarm clock that wakes you up in the right time window. Why pay a ton of money for a smart bed when Beddit can turn your regular bed into one?


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