Harvard’s Wearable Gait-improving Robot

In the past few months, we have covered plenty of wearable robots that can assist disabled people, allowing them to walk and move around with less effort. Harvard’s exosuit is a wearable device that targets the ankle joints and saves you energy as you move around. According to researchers, with the exosuit powered on, wearers can exert up to 23% less energy:

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Interestingly, the team found that wearers significantly adapted their gait with increasing levels of assistance. The changes were most significant at the ankle joint but also at the hip as the exosuit included straps coupling the assistance from the back of the lower legs to the front of the hip in a beneficial manner.

Further research is needed to find the optimal level of force to be applied to get the best results. These types of robots are expected to be used in the future to make life easier for workers and soldiers.


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