9 Ways To Track Your Fitness with Wearables

Fitness tracking wearables are going to become even more popular in the future. You can wear them on your wrist, around your ankle, or even in your ear to monitor your workouts. Here are 9 ways to use wearables to track your workouts:


Smartglass for Sports
: Google GLASS has been around for a while and can be used for fitness tracking. The Recon Jet is another device you can use to track your runs and cycling sessions.

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Smart Helmets: smart helmets can keep you out of trouble and pair with your smartphone to track your fitness sessions.


Smart Hats: smart hats like Spree SmartCap have an integrated heart rate monitor and help you monitor movement and calories burned.


Smart shoe insoles: in the past few months, we have covered a bunch of smart shoe insoles that track your workouts and help you improve your form.

Smart Rings: smart rings such as Arcus have a motion analyzer to track activity and recognize gestures. You can use them to control your phone and determine how active you are.


Connected Shirts/Bras: Hexoskin, Sensoria, and other smart shirts and bras allow you to focus on your workouts and track each session like a pro.

Smart Socks: Sensoria Smart Socks are equipped with 3-textile pressure sensors under the plantar area of each foot to detect activity type and impact to help you improve your technique.

Smart earrings: smart earrings like the Ear-O-Smart monitor your heart rate, activity, and calories and connect to your smartphone to keep you on track.


Smartwatches: the Apple Watch is already expected to be a fitness tracker. The Moto 360 and many other smartwatches can record steps and your heart rate as well.

What’s your favorite fitness tracking wearable device?

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