TelemetRing: Wireless Keyboard Ring using Passive Inductive Telemetry

Here is a wearable keyboard that uses passive inductive telemetry to let users type anywhere. This batteryless and wireless ring-shaped keyboard supports text entry by detecting finger typing on any surface.

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As the researchers explain:

Each ring consists of a sensor coil (the ring part itself), 1-DoF piezoelectric accelerometer, and varactor diode; moreover, it has different resonant frequencies. Typing shocks slightly shift the resonant frequency, and these are detected by a wrist-mounted readout coil. 5-bit chord keyboard is realized by attaching five sensor rings on five fingers.

[HT] [Credit: Ryo Takahashi, Masaaki Fukumoto, Changyo Han, Takuya Sasatani, Yoshiaki Narusue, Yoshihiro Kawahara]

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