Sensor-filled Glove Helps Doctors Perform Physical Exams

Here is a smart glove with sensors that takes the guesswork out of physical exams for doctors. Researchers at the University of California San Diego and Rady Children’s Hospital developed this robotic tech to accurately measure muscle stiffness during physical exams. Here is how it works:

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a glove equipped with sensors that is a more reliable tool and will enable doctors to come up with objective, accurate and consistent number ratings when evaluating spasticity in patients undergoing treatment. The device is built on a regular sports glove that a doctor can wear while holding and moving a patient’s limb back and forth. Taped onto the palm are more than 300 pressure sensors that measure the amount of force required to move a patient’s limb. 

Data from the sensors are transmitted to a computer and processed in real-time. The team is planning to develop even better sensors that can be printed onto the glove.


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