Sensest: Wearble Wireless Motion Sensor

Meet Sensest: a wearable device that tracks user motion with the use of a gyroscope, accelerometer and compass. It provides you with an intuitive way to interact with appliances and gadgets. Think about the possibilities here. This could be useful in gaming, security, and fitness fields:

homes may be able to adjust their temperature according to the weather and alarms could wake people up earlier depending on traffic. Workouts can be more effective, with Sensest reporting the number of steps taken and calories burned, tracking a person’s progress and reporting back to a personal trainer who could be half way around the world.

Gaming will be more of an experience with Sensest. It would eliminate the need for a handheld controller. The gaming console could detect a user’s motion making fights, hits and chases feel more real.

Sensest could eventually replace ID cards and login systems making it a safer security solution for families or businesses. A person approaching a locked door wouldn’t need to do a thing. The system would recognize them and let them in vastly improving authentication.

This exciting wearable device is on Kickstarter right now. You can support the project right here.

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