Is Privacy Dead? Take on Robert Scoble’s Comments


You don’t have to be a Google Glass junkie to realize how passionate Robert Scoble has been about the product. While we believe that he is truly wrong about the issue of privacy, he is very entitled to his opinion. After all, his approach works for him. So what is his take on privacy?

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If you had told me 15 years ago or so, when SXSW started, that I would give up access to my email and such to a third party, I would have said that’s crazy,

he concluded that he would be willing to give away his privacy for utility. That is a challenge many of us will face in the near future. There is no question our devices are getting smarter and businesses can use big data to offer better services to their customers. I am more with Edward Snowden on the issue of privacy. There are folks like Glenn Beck who believe Google is evil and some part of a conspiracy to take over the world. The rest of us realize how valuable services by companies such as Google are. That does not mean we are willing to completely give up on the idea of privacy. You can be sure we have not heard the last of this debate.


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