Emotiv Insight Brain Activity Headset


Meet the Emotiv Insight: a brain reading headset that helps you optimize your brain fitness and measure your cognitive well-being. This sleek, 5-channel headset is easy to set up and wireless. It offers 5 EEG + 2 reference sensors. The device also features 4.0 LE Bluetooth Wireless connection and 9-axis inertial sensors.


The Emotiv Insight features a proprietary polymer sensor that offers great electrical conductivity. Emotiv Insight’s API and SDK for developers includes gyro, mouse, and full head motion detection system. The device will be able to detect mental commands, facial expressions, and metrics such as attention, focus, engagement, interest, excitement, relaxation, and stress levels. The Insight headset is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows. There is a lot to like here.


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