Android Wear Smartwatches: Lack of Extra Chargers?


You know how you can recharge your Android device using a simple micro USB cable? That is not the case with some smartwatches on the market. You are going to need a proprietary charger to get the job done. What if you lose or break your charger? You are going to have to get a new charger. It seems Samsung does not have replacement chargers to offer Samsung Gear Live customers at this time. Here is what users Preston4tw reported on Reddit:

A friend of mine who also purchased a Samsung Gear Live misplaced the charger for his watch and now has a useless device. At present there appears to be no way to get a replacement charger.

The problem is not limited to Samsung watches. LG G Watch owners may also struggle to get a spare charger. Here is what Google had to say about this:

At this time there aren’t separate chargers available on Google Play for the LG G Watch. If we do have them in the future they will be on our accessories page:

This is not expected to be an issue for iWatch or Moto 360 owners.

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