Nymi: Your Heartbeat As Your Password?


Fingerprint scanners get a lot of attention these days. But your fingerprints are not the only unique thing about you. Did you know that your heartbeat is also unique to you? Thanks to Nymi, you can use your heartbeat as your password. You can use this wearable device to authenticate your identity and take over your computer, smartphone or your car. Who needs passwords when you can use Nymi to use your heartbeat as your password.

The device powers on when you put it around your wrist. Put your finger on the topside of the sensor when the bottom is in contact with your wrist to get started. You will remain authenticated until you take Nymi off. The Nymi functions on a 3-factor security system. You will need to have your Nymi, your heartbeat, and an authentication device (e.g. your smartphone) to put it to work. Nymi has an accelerometer and gyroscope to pick up your gestures. It also offers proximity detection for devices it is talking to. Like what you see? You can pre-order it for $&9.


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